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Bough saw "Woodmaster"                                                           made in germany



The advantage of our bough saw "woodmaster" are 1 m
Alu-pipes, stably connected, with a stiff backbone.

Via the 1 m extensions, the bough saw can be used at a height of 7,5 m (4 m Bough Saw + 2 extensions). 

In the hunting praxis, often very high boughs have
to be accessed to allow for an optimal view.

The saw blade is extremely sharp and can be used with the Alu-grip individually.




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Bough saw "Waldmeister"
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
35201 Bough saw complete 4 m

119,00 EUR

35202 Extension 1 m

23,00 EUR

35204 Saw blade with grip, individual  

32,00 EUR

35205 Saw blade, individual  

16,00 EUR

* recommended retail price

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