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Felt seating cushion                                                       made in germany



Our SEATING CUSHIONS are appreciated since years.
The 15 mm felt is made from pure sheep fleece, dark brown, with fastening and carrying belts. Can be rolled up, durable, isolating and noiseless for the practitioner.


Felt seating cushion with kidney shelter
SEATING CUSHION with folded up back part as "kidney shelter". Best help against cold and wind - from the knees up to the kidneys.

Felt seating cushion
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
85601 Felt seating cushion 30 x 40 cm 20,05 EUR
85602 Felt seating cushion 40 x 50 cm 30,95 EUR
85603 Felt seating cushion with kidney shelter 53 x 80 cm 69,95 EUR
* recommended retail price

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