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Game Recovery-Belt "Lowland"                                         Made in germany            


Produkte für die Wildversorgung


The new Knobloch recovery-belt “Lowland” was developed in cooperation with passionate professional hunters and was tried and trusted after many hunting successes, either in the lowlands by pulling wild boars or in the mountains by pulling heavy stags!

Most important for the recovery of deer/heavy animals in the mountains, and to prevent severe injuries, is the stable handle, which you can immediately let off in a dangerous situation. 

Game Recovery-Belt 
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
65511 Game Recovery-Belt  Patent strap 2,5 m 

29,95 EUR

65512 2. Grip, individual   14,95 EUR
65513 Backpag Harness   34,95 EUR
* recommended retail price

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