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NEW  Scope sight eye cap                                         




Since years well approved in shooting sports as diopter-sight shield, now available for hunters.

A useful tool to shoot uncramped with both eyes open.
More vision during poor sight.
Nighthunters are also familiar with the moon frontlighting problem.
This tool is the answer!
Available for 38-39 mm, 40-41 mm and 42-43 mm ocular diameters.

Top-class elastic rubber.
Scope Sight Eye Cap
Order no. Description Ocular Diameter Price*
85681 Scope Sight Eye Cap 38-39 mm

7,90 EUR

85682 Scope Sight Eye Cap 40-41 mm 

7,90 EUR

85683 Scope Sight Eye Cap 42-43 mm 

7,90 EUR

* recommended retail price

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