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Aim assistant 'Eagle claw'                                                        made in germany


Fig. 50340 + 50341


Our recently developed Aiming assistant 'Eagle claw' solves a problem which is familiar to many hunters. A problem of many treestands is the lack of a useful gun support at the hunter’s level. We have the ideal solution:
“Smooth observation with your telescope - immediate change to your gun!”
Rubber gun support with ¼” tread connection for the camera/camcorder!
A lightweight - only 220 gram
With an additional claw, the perfect umbrella-holder is ready!
Aim assistant 'Eagle claw'
Order no. Description Weight Price*
50340 Aim assistant 'Eagle claw' 220 gramme 

59,95 EUR

50341 Additional claw = umbrella holder 160 gramme 

 27,95 EUR

52360 Umbrella, 130 cm, TOP Quality    69,95 EUR
* recommended retail price

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