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multifunctional aim Assistant                                                     made in germany



The ideal solution
We developed this outstanding instrument in cooperation with the well-known hunting practitioner Wolfram Osgyan. It solves the frequently occurring problem of no useful elbow-support on your treestand.
Especially as a client or while hunting abroad, you often miss your favoured and appreciated “wooden shelf” for elbow-support.
The stable, green and plastic-coated aluminium-sections can be smooth telescoped and stable locked from 58 cm to 144 cm. The foam-rubber on the anterior part provides a noiseless laying on your treestand.
The additionally available gun-support can be mounted on the elbow-support and is adjustable up to 30cm. It is also possible to put the gun shaft directly on the elbow-support.
The rubber-coated gun-support can be screwed off - the thread can then be used for foto/video or telescope.

51345                                                                        51347
Ellbow support                               Multifunctional aim assistant
Multifunctional aim assistant
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
51345 Elbow support  58-144 cm
Weight: 900 Gramm 
64,95 EUR
51347 Elbow support include target rest
'Multifunctional aim assistant'
58-144 cm
Weight: 1100 Gramm 

94,95 EUR

51348 Transportbag hang on strap 10x70 cm 7,90 EUR
* recommended retail price

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