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cross Tweezer to deTicks 'tick-ex'                                       made in germany


  • German Quality - High Grade Steel - Rust-Proof - Light - Easy to Handle - Cheap
  • The construction of these cross tweezer causes the tig to be seized without further manipulation.
  • Light twisting at the plastic top removes the tig without problems.
  • An especially interesting application for dog owners, hunters, hikers etc, which often stay in nature and have experienced the problem "tick" at their own body.
With the new cross tweezer to deticks, the removal of tigs is extremely easy, effortless and painless from either human skin or the surface of dogs.

Tweezer to deticks 'Tick-EX'
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85900 Tweezer to deticks 'Tick-EX'
stainless, Germany

7,95 EUR

* recommended retail price

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