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NEW  Clamp pod "eagle grip"                                           made in germany


  1 Clamp pod

5 Claw adapter

Clamp pod "Sportshooting"

Reliable since years, the new clamp pod "Eagle Grip" will convince you for quiet game observation and for the sport shooter.
It is known that an optical device (scope/teleobjective) cannot be held firmly without a stable support. The "Eagle Grip" is the final solution. 

The patented grip is stable made and can be fastened to multiple points without effort. The precision instrument is functional and manufactured precisely.
The top can be taken off, i.e. if desired stay on the scope and the stick with the grip is carried separately in the back pack. 
The vertical and horizontal buffered fine tuning is ideal for observation of moving game.
The support you can have with two thread connections, the recommended 3/8" scope thread and the smaller 1/4" foto/video thread.
Total height 350 mm - weight only 360 gramme.


Clamp pod family "Eagle Grip"


Clamp pod "eagle grip" Mod. 2010
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
50330 1  Clamp pod, thread connection 1/4" Height: 350 mm
Weight: 360 gramme

69,95 EUR

50331 1  Clamp pod, thread connection 3/8" Height: 350 mm
Weight: 360 gramme

69,95 EUR

50334 3  Additional claw, individual Weight: 160 gramme  26,95 EUR
50335 4  Tree scraw for "Eagle grip"   8,95 EUR
50336 5  Claw adapter, universal attachment Weight: 120 gramme  12,95 EUR
50338 6  Clamp pod head, 1/4" photo,
    compatible Monopod 75500
Weight: 72 gramme  29,95 EUR
50339 7  NEW Sportshooting clamp pod,
    1/4", Tube extension 300 mm,
    claw adapter
Height: 300 / 600 mm
Weight: 560 gramme 
89,95 EUR
50340 8  Aim assistant (AIM ASSISTANT) Weight: 220 gramme  59,95 EUR
52350 9  Umbrella holder (look EQUIPMENT) Weight: 350 gramme  69,95 EUR
85547 10 Rubber crotch, 1/4"   10,95 EUR
* recommended retail price

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