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Folding-chair "Anblick"




Our approved Alu-folding chair is unfolded without any noise - the gun support is adjusted to the individual height -
ready for hunting.

The soft rubber gun support is gradually height adjustable and carries hooks for the weapon and the back pack.

Cross pipes prevent sinking on soft ground.


Folding-chair "Anblick"
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10650 Folding-chair "Anblick"  

299,00 EUR

* recommended retail price

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Fig. 10650 + 10660


Fig. 10660 detail

Fig. 10660 plug connection

Extension parts allow to rise the seat height up to 2,00 m.

The stable ladder part has extendable ends for additional stability.

The back supporting pipes are adjustable to meet with uneven underground. 



Order no. Description Dimension Price*
10660 Seat rise up to 2,00 m
(without Folding Chair)
Weight 7,5 kg  329,00 EUR
* recommended retail price





Two 70 cm Alu-profiles are fastened to the side of the back rest.
The camouflage masking net (1,35 x 3,00 m) is hung into the upper profiles and the net completely drawn around the folding chair.


Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10671 Masking camouflage net  135 x 300 cm 89,00 EUR
* recommended retail price




The roof area is made of water resistent strong awning and has a camouflage hiding net in the back and at the sides.

The stable Alu-roof construction can be folded in the front and has a special profile.


Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10600 Roofing with camouflage roofing net   279,00 EUR
* empfohlener Verkaufspreis