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Alu ladderstand "Freestanding"                                              made in germany




The approved freestanding ladderstand is intended for a rapidly adjustable ladderstand.

The weight is only 16 kg at a Height of 2,60 m. 

The gradually adjustable gun support is completely coated with rubber. The gun support is also adjustable to a backward shot and carries hooks for the gun and the back pack.

The supporting pipes are variable in height and adjustable to uneven ground. The ladder has adjustable foot ends for improved stability.

The "buck ladder field" is completely built of aluminum, therefore rust proof and mounted within 5 minutes without any tools.

Transport size 144 x 67 x 20 cm.


Alu Ladderstand "Freestanding"
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10496 Ladderstand "Freestanding" Height: 2,60 m
Weight: 16 kg
Transport size:144x67x20cm

679,00 EUR

 10499 Transport wheels, pair   49,00 EUR
* recommended retail price

Order: by Mail

seat rise supplement ladderstand “freestanding”



With the additional extension parts, stabilizing rods and diagonal rods, you achieve a height up to 3,60 m.

Ideal for boar-hunting or for sitting in or near corn.


Seat rise supplement
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10497 Seat rise supplement Ladderstand "Freestanding" Height: 2,60m up to 3,60m
Weight: 4 kg  
219,00 EUR
* recommended retail price







The roof is made of water resistent strong awning and has a camouflage hiding net in the back and at the sides.

The stable Alu-roof construction can be folded in the front and has a special profile.

 Roof square: 95 x 130 cm

Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10600 Roofing with camouflage hiding net 95 x 130 cm

279,00 EUR

* recommended retail price