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Alu tree ladderstand Superlight - "like a backPack"              made in germany

Fig. 10502

Fig. Gun rack

Fig. Tenson strap

Fig. Backpack system

Combination: Tree Ladderstand (basic) and Ladderstand freestanding (supplement) 

An approved "super light weight" amongst the transportable ladderstands.

The lower weight limit of this seat is 10 kg - height 2,30 m.

NEW: Backpack-System with shoulder pads
(extra accessorie). 

The ladder is adjustable - with the advantage, that the high seat can be mounted at different heights. 

The ladder has height adjustable telescope ends. The Ratchet Strap guarantees a noiseless mounting to the tree at highest safety. 

Furthermore, the seat has a tooth plate for safe hold to the tree.

The gun support is gradually height adjustable and coated with soft rubber.
At the side, there are hooks for the gun and the backpack.
The comfortable seat with back rest allows long sitting.

Same design like ladderstand Leightweight" - different is transports size:

"Lightweight" = 145 x 67 cm
"Superlight"  = 110 x 67 cm  

NEW - Backpack strap with shoulder pad
(extra accessorie)


Tree Ladderstand "Superlight"
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10501 Tree Ladderstand "Superlight"
Basic model
Height: 2,30 m
Weight: 10 Kg
Transport: 110 x 67 x 16 cm

399,00 EUR

10502 Tree Ladderstand "Superlight"
Basic model + 1 ladder extension
Height: 2,30 m/ 3,20 m
Weight: 12 Kg
Transport: 110 x 67 x 20 cm

489,00 EUR

10503 Tree Ladderstand "Superlight"
Basic model + 2 ladder extension

Height: 2,30 m/ 3,20 m/
           4,00 m
Weight: 14 Kg
Transport: 110 x 67 x 21 cm

579,00 EUR

10505 Ladder extension, ladder support Height: 0,85 cm 105,00 EUR
10509 Backpack system with shoulder pads           31,95 EUR
10508 Transport wheels   49,00 EUR
* recommended retail price

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Supplement "superlight" freestanding  


Fig. 10502 + 10507


Fig. detail

The adaptive plate is screwed to the seat. Supporting pipes, diagonal pipes and ladder support are fastened with rubber coated pipe clamps to the seat.

With ground coils, the seat is stable fastened to the ground.

Supplement 3,20 m also in 2,30 m mounted.

Supplement "Superlight" freestanding  
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10506 Supplement "Superlight" freestanding"
Height: 2,30 m 
Weight: 5 kg
Transport: 170 x 20 x 10 cm
199,00 EUR
10507 Supplement "Superlight" freestanding 
Height: 2.30 m/ 3.20 m 
Weight: 9 kg
Transport: 170 x 20 x 20 cm
299,00 EUR
* recommended retail price






  Fig. 10600 + ladderstand 

The roof is made of water resistent strong awning and has a camouflage hiding net in the back and at the sides.

The stable Alu-roof construction can be folded in the front and has a special profile.

Roof square: 95 x 130 cm


Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10600 Roofing with camouflage hiding net Weight: 4 kg
Transport: 95 x 90 cm 
279,00 EUR
* recommended retail price