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Alu-ladderstand "UNIVERSAL"                                                       made in germany


Fig. 10420

  • Combination: Tree Ladderstand (basic) and Ladderstand freestanding (supplement) 
  • Approved safety - safe and reliable hunting is guaranteed.
  • Extremely stable manufacture - you cannot imagine a more stable light metal high seat.
  • ALUMINUM - brown-green durable coating - weather proof, rust proof and indestructable.
  • Very light und easy to take apart into small pieces - can be stored in the trunk, easy change of the hunting area.
  • Simple handling - fast mounting and taking apart.
  • Safe and stable hold to the tree - the Ratchet Strap 
    guarantees a noiseless mounting to the tree at highest safety. 
  • Maximal convenience - broadened seating top. Convenient, broad foot rest.
  • Aiming support gradually changeable at the back rest - ideal for shooting to the side and diagonal to the back.
  • Aiming and elbow support 77 cm breadth - for comfortable seating, rubber coated.
  • Deposit rack (optional) - can be fastened right and left of the seat - for back pack, scope, ammunition, food etc.
  • Stable ladder - with sliding proof steds, telescope lower part, adjustable to uneven ground.
    Universal use - mountable ladder parts.
  • Theft proof thumb screws - the plastik wing can be taken off and turned round to be used as a screw driver.
  • Noiseless - all movable parts are very noiseless because of plastic washers.
Tree Ladderstand "UNIVERSAL"
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10400 Tree Ladderstand "Universal"
2 parts
Height: 2,40 m
Weight: 15 Kg

549,00 EUR

10410 Tree Ladderstand "Universal"
3 parts
Height: 2.40 m/ 3,20 m
Weight: 17,5 Kg

659,00 EUR

10420 Tree Ladderstand "Universal"
4 parts
Height: 2.40 m/ 3,20 m/ 
           4,10 m
Weight: 20 Kg

769,00 EUR

10430 Tree Ladderstand "Universal"
5 parts

Height: 2.40 m/ 3.20 m/
           3.20 m/ 4,90 m
Weight: 22,5 Kg

879,00 EUR

10440 Ladder extension Height: 0,85 m

110,00 EUR

10445 Ladder shore - higher 4,90 m  

        59,00 EUR

10465 Transport wheels, pair Weight: 0,5 kg 49,00 EUR
* recommended retail price

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Supplement to LADDERstand "Universal"


Fig. 10420 + 10572


Allows use as "Combination-Ladderstand". Usable as tree or free standing ladderstand.

Stable, connectable supporting Alu-pipes are screwed to the connecting piece. The supporting pipes can be fastened to the soil via coils. Diagonal pieces guarantee a stable construction and stand of the free standing "Universal" ladderstand.

Supplement 4,10 m also in 3,20 m mounted.


Supplement "Universal" freestanding
Order No. Description Dimensions Price*
10470 Supplement "Universal" freestanding Height: 2,40 m
Weight: 4,5 Kg

259,00 EUR

10471 Supplement "Universal" freestanding Height: 3,20 m
Weight: 8 Kg

399,00 EUR

10472 Supplement "Universal" freestanding Height: 3.20 m/ 4,10 m
Weight: 12 Kg

449,00 EUR

* recommended retail price




Fig. 10410 + 10471 + 10480


The roof is made of water resistent strong awning and has a camouflage hiding net in the back and at the sides.

The stable alu-roof construction can be folded in the front and has a special profile.

Roof square: 95 x 130 cm

Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
10480 Roofing WITH camouflage hiding net  

279,00 EUR

* recommended retail price