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ACCESSORIES                                                                                       made in germany

HANG ON STRAP AND STRETCH FUNCTION                         

With our new patented Knobloch-strap, you can use our original Knobloch shooting sticks in several different hunting situations. With the woven openings it is a useful accessory which can be used quite differently:

- As comfortable shoulder strap (1), adjustable in length, which can be easily linked at the upper and bottom part.

- As a cross-stabilizer (buffalo picture) for the bipod and tripod shooting sticks ex upper cross tape - the gun rests in the crotch of the grips.

- As a stabilizer (third leg) (2), it is used for decades in Africa and Kanada in combination with a bipod. Link the patented Knobloch-strap to the grip and adjust it to your height. Now you simply have to step on the snow plate fixed at the bottom part of the shooting stick, leaning the pod in front of you. By leaning the shooting stick forward, you strech the strap and form a perfect, stable triangle.

- Another possiblity is to stabilize the monopod (Nr.85500) with the strap.

- For extremly long distance shots: the "four-leg" 
Two Knobloch bipod shooting sticks ex snow-plates, fixed together at the tips with a short part of the patented Knobloch strap. You rest your gun wit the front shaft on the front bipod and your gun stock on the rear bipod. Now you have an absolutely stable gun support.

Hang on strap and stretch function
Order No. Description Dimensions Price*
85542 Hang on strap and stretch function 2,50 m 

12,95 EUR

* recommended retail price

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shooting stick head "professional"                                                                     


-          Can be easily mounted on the shooting stick grip
-          Can be removed from the shooting stick, ex removing the screw
-          Tread connection ¼” for mounting the telescope, camera or camcorder
-          Fits on all Original Knobloch bipod and tripod shooting sticks.


Shooting stick head "professional”
Order No. Description Dimensions Price*
Shooting Stick Head "professional"

29,95 EUR

* recommended retail price


monopod head professional


  • Can be easily mountged on the monopod grip
  • Tread connection 1/4" for mounting telescope, camera or camcorder
Shooting stick head
Order no. Description Dimensions Price*
85541 Monopod Head professional 1/4"          29,95 EUR
* recommended retail price


Wooden ball                                                                     

Fits on our Monopod shooting stick (no. 85500), to use it like a hikking-stick!
Wooden ball 
Order No. Description Dimensions Price*
85545 Wooden Ball   

9,95 EUR

* recommended retail price


Rubber crotch 


Replacement part - fits only on the Original Knobloch monopod shooting stick 
Rubber crotch 
Order No. Description Dimensions Price*
85547 Rubber Crotch 1/4" thread  

12,95 EUR

* recommended retail price


snow and sludge plate                                                                                              


Fits over the carbide flextip of Original Knobloch shooting sticks.
Snow and sludge plate
Order No. Description Dimensions Price*
Snow and Sludge Plate

2,95 EUR

* recommended retail price


Rubber Tip Attachment                                                                         


New, longer version - fits over the carbide flextip of Original Knobloch shooting sticks.
Rubber Tip Attachment
Order No. Description Dimensions Price*
85549 Rubber Tip Attachment  

3,95 EUR

* recommended retail price


Transportbag hang on strap




Transportbag hang on strap
Order no. Description Size Price*
85544 Transportbag hang on strap 12 x 100 cm 

7,90 EUR

85546 Transportbag "extra long"
hang on strap
12 x 120 cm 8,90 EUR
* recommended retail price